Evolving for the future

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We are familiar with quotes like Charles Darwin's ’the struggle for life’, ’survival of the fittest’ and nature being ’red in tooth and claw’ and to be the ’top cat’ to survive in business.

The biggest cat was the sabre-toothed cat, a formidable predator that brought down large prey. But it was specialised and couldn’t adapt to a changing environment, which ultimately meant extinction.Do you want to go the same way!? In contrast, bears are great at adapting, one reason they are so successful.

We are all aware of competition, but, in nature, adaptation and partnerships have a lot do with success and survival. Darwin felt the phrase survival of the fittest was misquoted and it was more to do with being able to adapt or to find the right niche. After all, being the ’fittest’ isn't so ideal if you can’t adapt to change, something we can learn from nature.

Leopard Seal Yankee Harbour 1280x703Our attitudes to the environment are changing and businesses need to adapt to economic andenvironmental changes, or go the way of the sabre-toothed cat! Sustainability and climate change are major issues these days and all political parties are addressing environmental issues, so don’t get left behind.

As an experienced naturalist I have a wealth of examples from nature to improve your business strategy in a challenging and exciting way. For example, a lot of rainforest birds have slightly different niches. They collaborate by forming feeding flocks or 'guilds', the benefits of a combined ’look out’ for predators outweighing any competition for food.

I can use examples from nature to offer a different angle to understanding your business. You may have that key product that brings in lots of profit but are not sure about an old product that no longer brings in much. Before making decision, think of the Leopard Seal of Antarctica. It has impressive canines to feed on penguins to build up it’s strength in the breeding season. But the bulk of prey is krill and they are a vital food source for much of the year when penguins are hard to find in leaner times. Various business 'experts' may advise getting rid of a product that doesn't make a big profit - but is it vital for those lean times?  

Katydid dead leaf mimic Tambopata Peru 1280x839I’ve stressed the need to adapt and in many cases this is crucial. But there are times when you shouldn’t change if something works, despite the pressure from all those business advisors! 'Leaf mimic' rainforest insects have evolved to be so perfect they have no need to change. They have evolved into an ideal form and it would be crazy for the World Wide Fund for Nature to change it’s panda logo. The name Royal Mail was known around the world, yet they tried to change the name to Consignia for a while. It didn't work and they could have saved a lot of time and money by promoting the original logo! I’ve given a few examples from the natural world that may help your business outlook - there are plenty of other examples!

Based on my experiences from the underwater world to the open ocean, the rainforest to Antarctica, and from ecotourism to mitigation, my presentations use stunning pictures, fascinating facts, and the diversity and variety of the natural world, to inspire your audience. Guaranteed to motivate them and get everyone interacting for the rest of the conference!

I’m also at the forefront of environmental issues, topics you cannot ignore to evolve for the future. ’Environmental protection’ could be worth £265 billion, as much as pharmaceuticals - and probably a lot more! Furthermore, issues like recycling, energy efficient houses, and climate change, should be looked upon as a business opportunity and to adapt and change for the better, not as a hurdle. 

I can also adjust a presentation so it is directly relevant to your business aims and interests - and the theme of the conference or a workshop. Or how about a travel presentation with a difference, finding out more about the Natural World to inspire and motivate your audience. Ideal for the graveyard slot with a stimulating presentation they will be guaranteed to remember!

Presentations for speakers bureaus has included Diana Boulter Associates and The Right Address.

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