My presentations are based on my experiences as a naturalist and guide, and enhanced with stunning images - ideal for a wildlife talk, conferences, or a school presentation. From the diversity of the rainforest to the dazzling landscape of Antarctica, from spectacular seabird colonies to encounters with whales and Polar Bears, my presentations will stimulate and motivate you for the rest of the day and beyond.

I can speak on a range of travel, wildlife and environmental topics tailored to your needs including school projects, university seminars, travel clubs & shows, conservation workshops, and lectures and recaps on wildlife cruises.

Renowned as an enthusiastic speaker, check out my references, and some of the articles on my wildlife experiences - from swimming with dolphins and sharks - to dispelling the misconception about shark attacks. And an encounter with a botfly!

I was also a founder member of the PSA - the Professional Speakers Association - and my Evolving for the Future format is specifically tailored for business conferences - a format that uses examples from the natural world that can be used in the business sphere.

Check out some of my talks with a wildlife and exploration theme - Discovering the Rainforest RealmExploring Antarctica, and Exploring the Ocean Realm - and I have considerable experience of guiding and lecturing as naturalist on cruise ships for G-adventures and Noble Caledonia, with a broad range of talks and recaps with a wildlife theme.