humpbackfeeding3Learn about my trips, see some stunning photographs, learn some fascinating facts from my travels as a naturalist, and check out my conservation fact sheets including ’How to make a garden pond’ and ’Creating a reptile hibernacula’. Also check my articles from swimming with sharks, to fun facts about Blue Whales.

A Whale of a Time: Find out why a Discover the World trip to New England had to be one of the ultimate of all encounters with Humpback Whales, from breaching to bubble feeding! One year we had three whales swimming around and under our boat for an hour!

California Dreaming: Find out about what makes Monterey in California one of the best places in the world to see marine mammals including the ultimate of them all - the Blue Whale! One year we saw around 60 different Blue Whales in a week! On another trip we had seen 18 species of marine mammal by the end of the trip! 
Sututu or Boris the Bot Fly
: Read an article about my rainforest encounter with a botfly or ’Sututu’ - a maggot that was growing under my skin on top of my head for around two months!

In Search of the Frozen Realm: Read about my experiences as the on-board ornithologist on numerous cruises to the Antarctic peninsula on the Andrea.

Also read about my experiences  ’Swimming with Dolphins’  and ’Swimming with Sharks’, and dispel some of the myths about man-eating  sharks.