Exploring the Frozen Realm

Antarctic iceberg 1280x860

Based on my experience as a 'ship’s naturalist' on cruise ships to the Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula - where icebergs, glaciers and mountains combine to create some of the world’s most beautiful and breathtaking scenery, plus stunning wildlife spectacles, like the vast Chinstrap Penguin colony on Deception Island.

Learn about albatrosses, comical and curious penguins, great whales, bossy fur seals, bizarre icefish and belching elephant seals. Find out about the history of the region by visiting some of the locations where it actually happened, from the first sealers and whalers to Shackleton’s epic story of survival. And learn about the new arrivals, the ecotourist.

And for further details of an Antarctica cruise, check out the ’In Search of the Frozen Realm’ article.

With my experience of expedition cruising, and my time exploring the Antarctic Peninsula for many years, I have built up a broad range of topics that are well suited to the lectures and recaps on expedition cruises. Presentations enhanced with my own images, and by my own experiences of this fascinating frozen realm:

  • Seabirds.
  • Penguins.
  • Seals.
  • Whales & Dolphins.
  • Polar Ecology.
  • Polar Exploration .... and Exploitation.

Also a wide ranging presentation on the amazing wildlife of Antarctica - Exploring the Frozen Realm.