About me

About the natural speaker

A keen birdwatcher, guide and naturalist, I have experience of wildlife across all seven continents, as well as coasts and remote oceanic islands from the tropics to polar seas.  I’ve encountered wildlife from alligators to Anacondas, Blue Whales to Blue Sharks, giraffes to gorillas, penguins to Potoos,and Orang-utans to Olingoes!

I had invaluable experience as a guide at Explorer’s Inn in the challenging rainforests of Tambopata, SE Peru, helping to set up TReeS (the Tambopata Reserve Society). In the UK I've led wildlife walking holidays with HFholidays and I have been a naturalist on many wildlife cruises around the diverse coastline.

With postgraduate experience in the UK since 1982 I’m at the forefront of environmental issues and a full member of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (MIEEM). I’ve been a birdwatcher since childhood, and a herpetologist surveying reptiles and amphibians since 1989.

An experienced birdwatcher and marine naturalist I’ve worked on sailing expeditions and wildlife cruises with G-adventures, Noble Caledonia, and Adventure Canada, led whale watching trips with Discover the World and Wildwings, and was a co-author of SEALIFE - A Complete Guide to the Marine Environment. I’ve seen turtles, over 60 species of whales & dolphins, 20 other marine mammals, and two-thirds of all seabirds. I’m an advanced BSAC diver familiar with underwater surveys, a qualified BSAC dive cox to RYA standards, and a member of Kingston BSAC that won the Heinke trophy as BSAC club of the year in 2004. An AIDA 2 star (open water) free diver, learning with Notanx, I can free dive to 28m and have held my breath (static apnea) for 4 minutes 45 seconds.

I have skills as a photographer (highly recommended in the 1986 BBC Wildlife Photographer competition) and a practical awareness of ecotourism issues. My experiences as a naturalist are central to my presentations, from travel talks to conferences, guaranteed to have the audience on the edge of their seats. Renowned as an enthusiastic speaker, I was a founder member of the PSA (the Professional Speakers Association) and I’ve been a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society since 1986.

I obtained a B.Sc degree (hons) in Biological Sciences (specialising in Ecology) at UEANorwich in 1982, and a M.Sc. in Oceanography (specialising in Marine Biology) from the University of Southampton in 1983. I am a chartered biologist (CBiol) and a member of the Society of Biology (MSB).

Familiar with the guidelines for IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators) and AECO (Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators) relating to responsible tourism in Polar Bear regions. I also have a range of certificates based on training courses relating to being a naturalist and a 'seafarer' on expedition cruise ships.

And to relax - I like to dance lambada, meringue and salsa - the dancing naturalist!